Zero Waste BBQ

Zero Waste BBQ

Jun 20, 2023Manuela Frei

Summer is almost here and that means cozy barbecue evenings as well!

We have put together a few useful helpers for you so that there is no large pile of rubbish left over at the end of the evening.

At the bottom you will also find a few tips for a more sustainable barbecue.

On the grill

If you like to grill vegetables in addition to vegan sausages and other meat substitutes, you usually have to rely on aluminum grill trays. However, these are no longer usable after just one or a few uses. In contrast, our stainless steel grill trays can be used almost indefinitely!

Simply grease a little, put the food on it and mushrooms, aubergines, chili peppers & co. will sizzle safely on the grill.

Grill tray, made of stainless steel, reusable, zero waste


So that the tofu doesn't taste like cardboard, it should be marinated ;) The Stasher silicone bags are perfect for this. Simply put some oil, spices and herbs in the bag and shake well together with the tofu (or vegetables, etc.). The fine mixture can then be carried directly to the barbecue area in the bag. The bag can then be used to transport waste or damp rags.

Stasher, silicone pouch, sustainable, marinate

Salads & Co.

If you grill, you often eat a salad with it. Bowl covers are very practical for transporting green salad. You can take the salad with you in the serving bowl and then just add the sauce on site.

You can also moisten the bowl cover for extra durability.

Storing salad sustainably, bowl covers, bowl covers

The salad dressing can be easily transported in a glass jar with a screw cap or a small bottle.

For dips, ketchup & Co. you will find these cute little chutney boxes in our shop:

Store chutney boxes, eco bread box, salad dressing

No drinks, no barbecue

Of course, a few refreshing drinks should not be missing; with or without alcohol.

And these simply slurp better with a straw. In our shop you will find colorful or silver ones made of stainless steel and some made of bamboo.

Drinking straw, rainbow, made of stainless steel

Tips for more sustainability at the barbecue

  • Use what you already have: You don't necessarily need special boxes and cans. Use empty jam jars, glass jars, bowls, etc.
  • Let your guests bring what you are missing or borrow it
  • Cover the table with a cloth tablecloth and use cloth napkins
  • Use real dishes or ask your guests to bring their own place settings
  • Make your own iced tea or fruit water
  • Bake your own bread . Because there is hardly anything better than freshly baked bread with potato salad :)
  • Try vegan alternatives: We know it's not always easy for everyone to give up meat. However, we would like to encourage you to try alternatives from time to time. Who knows, maybe the non-vegans among you will be pleasantly surprised ;)
  • After the grilling is before the grilling: Leave the grilling area as you would like to find it and do not leave open fires burning.

We wish you a few happy, cozy, exciting and above all delicious barbecues!

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