Labels are essential and useful things these days. There are useful ones and less useful ones. the sage tries to label everything that is possible and useful so that you don't get confused when shopping.

At the sage, ALL products are vegan, cosmetics vegan & Cruelty Free. That is why you will find our own VEGAN label on all products. But it is important that we use 2 different vegan labels. More on this under the individual points:


This product contains no animal ingredients, it was made without animal cruelty. (Note: Unfortunately, certifications are not free of charge and small companies in particular, which we are happy to support, cannot always afford them all. We build on the trust placed in them and have therefore attached our own VEGAN label. We always strive to ensure that our Asking suppliers carefully so that we can confidently label all our products VEGAN. You can find more information about our vegan guidelines at the bottom of this page.)


This product contains no animal ingredients, it was made without animal cruelty. In addition, it is certified by a recognized authority with a VEGAN label. Details can be found in the respective product descriptions.


This product is not tested on animals and is certified accordingly. Details on the certificate can be found in the respective product descriptions.


This product and its packaging is biodegradable and/or recyclable and/or is completely consumed by its use.


This product complies with the organic standard of the country of origin. Details can be found in the respective product descriptions.


This product meets the Fair Trade standard. Details can be found in the respective product descriptions.


This product is manufactured by a B Corps company. B Corps maintain high standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. This to build a more responsible and sustainable economy.


This product was made in Switzerland.

our vegan guidelines

the sage is a completely vegan and animal-free company. All of our products are selected to be free of animal ingredients and not tested on animals.

However, because our world is very complex, we need to set boundaries; If you go down to the smallest detail, there is probably no product that is 100% vegan. Be it the soil that has been treated with horn shavings as fertilizer, the employee who is not vegan, the machine that runs on a leather strap or the adhesive tape used for transport.

Our goal is to work as transparently as possible and that is why we would like to show where we set these limits.

Our products have either been certified with an official vegan label or have been checked by us according to the following guidelines:

The end products do not contain any components of animal origin. So no silk, no wool, no beeswax, no honey, no feathers, no real carmine, etc.

The end products have not been tested on animals

The end products were not directly manufactured by animal means. For example, no animal gelatine was used for filtering.

We exclude the packaging from this process (official vegan certifications hold this as well). Obvious animal packaging made of beeswax or fish leftovers, for example, is not included in the range.

What the packaging consists of is listed for the respective product. If it is known that the packaging is 100% vegan, this will be noted.

Since we also work with very small companies and manufacturers, we cannot always say 100% what the printing ink or the glue on the packaging is made of. However, we try to find out as much as possible and find a vegan solution with the manufacturers.

We adhere to these guidelines for all products and only include products in our range with a clear conscience.

We pass these guidelines on to the manufacturers and trust the accuracy of their information.

If you have any questions about our guidelines or comments, we are always ready to listen.