Our values

the sage - Mindful living. 100% vegan.

the sage was born out of the need to create a place where you don't have to check every single product to see if it's really vegan.

A place where you can just go shopping and find everything you need for your sustainable lifestyle.
A place where you can find new tools for your zero waste lifestyle that will help you to reduce your ecological footprint even more.

But also a place of inspiration and tradition, which combines old techniques and new insights.

We always choose our products with Zero Waste in mind. We avoid using plastic whenever possible. Plastic is not a renewable resource and it pollutes our entire planet.
Our products are designed to be durable and recyclable.

"Zero Waste" does not mean implementing everything perfectly. It means giving your best and living your everyday life as sustainably as possible. Because everyone makes mistakes and our goal is to simplify the transition to a more sustainable lifestyle and not to point the finger at you or ourselves.

All of our products are vegan. There are NO exceptions (so no honey, beeswax or silk either). the sage is a place where you can browse to your heart's content without having to study ingredients and material lists for a long time.
Of course, we still show all the details and ingredients to be transparent.

For us, living consciously means really living our life and not just letting it pass us by.
For us, conscious living is an interplay of mindfulness towards the environment, animals, our fellow human beings and ourselves.

Rituals help us to implement this in our everyday life. This can be as small as watching the sunset or eating a meal with full attention, or as large as meditation, yoga, jogging, or journaling. We would like to support you in these rituals and maybe even help you to discover new ones for yourself.

All products that require packaging are packaged as sustainably and plastic-free as possible. You can find out how exactly a specific product is packaged in the product description.

But not only our range is packaged sustainably and plastic-free, we also ship your orders plastic-free.
To do this in the most sustainable way possible, we reuse our suppliers' packaging and work with local companies; We collect cardboard boxes & packaging materials that would otherwise be directly recycled from the shops and give them a second life.
Our tape is vegan and consists of paper & natural rubber.