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How to properly store solid soap

Jun 20, 2023Manuela Frei

Solid soap and body care are an integral part of a sustainable everyday life. However, it often happens that the soap gets mushy if you don't store it properly. Unfortunately, this means that the product does not last as long as it should. This not only annoys the environment, but also your wallet.

With our tips and products, you can put an end to muddy care products and beautify your bathroom and kitchen.

The classic - the soap dish

Not every soap dish is ideal for soaps. This may sound contradictory as the name implies what the bowl is made for. Many soap dishes do not have a riser or adequate ventilation for the soap. These are important to allow the soap to dry between uses. This way it will last longer and not turn into a soggy lump.


Lasts a lifetime. Recycles plastic that otherwise could not be recycled. Allows the soap to breathe.


Requires storage space. Must be emptied with frequent use.

Soap dish, sustainable, zero waste

The must-have of the Zero Waster - the soap bag

If you have been dealing with the topic of sustainability for a long time, you cannot avoid the omnipresent soap bag. The small, often highly praised bag can be incredibly practical (I really like using it), but of course, like every product, it has its flaws.


Also ideal for small soap residues. 100% natural thanks to organic cotton. Gentle peeling effect. Can be hung easily.


Must be hung to allow the soap to dry properly. More suitable for shower and hair soap than for hand soap (due to the fabric, the soap does not dry as quickly and can lead to muddy soap if used continuously).

Soap Bags Sustainable Organic Cotton Zero Waste Soap Storage

Soap to-go - the soap box & the Stasher Bag

If you're traveling or want to take your personal toiletries to the gym, you need a safe place to store them.

Tip: Only take as much as you need & cut your care products into travel sizes.

The soap box is convenient because nothing can be crushed. But be careful: the soap cannot dry in it and should definitely be aired out in between. Our soap box has a perforated insert; This allows the water to run off and prevents the soap from being squished too quickly ;)


Also offers space for larger soaps. Thanks to the perforated insert, the soap does not float in the water. Stable & durable.


Soap can't breathe. inflexible.

Soap box with perforated insert, lightweight, aluminium

A soap box is not ideal, especially if you are traveling by plane or backpacking, as it takes up a lot of space. An alternative to this are silicone bags. They are hardly larger than their contents and come in many sizes. For fixed body care we recommend the pocket size.


Small & light. multifunctional. Leak proof. Can be taken on the plane.


Soap can't breathe. Convenient for transport, but not for daily use of the care products.

Stasher, silicone pouch, travel bag

Multifunctional - the loofah disc

The Luffa disc is more than just a soap dish: You can also use it to wash the dishes or clean your sink. Due to the airy structure, the soap can dry optimally.

The loofah disc can be boiled at up to 120°C and machine washed at up to 60°C. This is how you prevent the formation of germs.

The loofah disc is ideal for solid washing-up liquid.


Soap dries perfectly. multifunctional. Easy to clean. Compostable.



No drain for excess water. Not as durable as other products as it is compostable.

Loofah, soap dish, sustainable, plastic-free, vegan

Floating soap - the magnetic soap holder

If you like it minimalistic, then you will love the magnetic soap holder: It is simply "hidden" behind the soap.

The magnetic soap holder consists of two parts: a suction cup with a magnet and a small metal crown. You simply press the crown into the soap and then place it on the suction cup.

Due to the small contact surface, the soap can dry optimally.

You can attach the suction cup next to or in your sink or in the shower. It is simply important that the surface should be as smooth as possible.


Soap dries perfectly. Can be used horizontally and vertically. Durable.


Not usable on all surfaces. Not all solid care products hold in the soap holder (traditional soap holds without any problems. Solid shampoos & conditioners may not hold due to the oil content/the crown falls off).

Magnetic Soap Holder, Suction Cup, Savont


Make sure that the soap can dry well between uses and does not remain in the water.

If possible, never seal a damp soap airtight.

You can use up small soap residues in a soap bag or simply "stick" them onto a new bar of soap. To do this, moisten the soap residue and press it onto the new soap. Rub the edges together with a wet finger and leave to dry for a few hours or overnight.

If you don't want to spend money on soap storage, you can also fill an old jar with glass marbles or stones.

We hope with these tips & products your soap never gets muddy again ;)

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