Ideen & Gedanken zum Valentinstag

Valentine's Day Ideas & Thoughts

Jun 20, 2023Manuela Frei

Some love Valentine's Day, others see it as nothing more than a way of boosting retail sales. Wherever you are, the basic idea of ​​dedicating one day of the year to love can't be all that wrong. How you spend it and whether you want to give someone something is entirely up to you.

And no matter whether you spend Valentine's Day as a couple or alone; it's a day of love and that includes self-love ❤️

We have put together three simple ideas for you that you can enjoy alone or as a couple and that can also be implemented sustainably:

Treat yourself (and your partner) to a home spa day

You really don't need much to really relax at home. Of course, the most important thing is rest and some time. Apart from that, you can set up your home spa according to your taste.

Use your favorite scents, light a candle, use a fine bath salt, treat yourself to a glass of kombucha or another special drink, nibble on your favorite snack, read a book or watch your favorite series and finally wrap yourself in a soft, cozy bath towel.

In our shop you will find a variety of feel-good products from candles to scrubs, bath salts, creams, oils, snacks, towels and much more. We've even put together a little Home Spa Bundle that you can also send directly to someone:

home spa gift set

Time is the most beautiful gift

Whether you are adventurous or prefer to take it easy, giving yourself or someone else time together and spending it the way you like is still the best gift.

So depending on how much time you have on Valentine's Day, plan an activity that you enjoy!

This can be something as simple as a walk or a snow hike with an overnight stay in an igloo.

sexy time

Sex is a big topic on Valentine's Day. However, you should not feel pressured by this holiday. Whether and with whom you want to have sex is your personal decision.

If you decide to throw in some sexy time on Valentine's Day (with you or your partner), make sure the products are of high quality. Since these come into contact with the skin and also with mucous membranes, you want to use products without plasticizers and the like. Today, sex toys are made of a wide variety of sustainable materials (e.g. silicone, glass, hemp, jute, etc.) that are harmless to the body.

For safer sex you will find vegan, sustainable condoms in our shop:

vegan condoms, Releafvegan condoms, feelgood condoms

If you don't have much time and you don't want to buy unnecessary gifts, you can also give your partner a fragrant massage. If you want to enjoy the day alone, the oil is also suitable as a rich body care after showering or bathing:

Body oil, natural cosmetics, relax, bepure, sustainable, massage oil

We wish you a wonderful day of love! ❤️

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