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Wash laundry sustainably

Jun 20, 2023Manuela Frei

Doing laundry is an activity that is repeated over and over again and thus offers great potential for avoiding waste and protecting the environment. There are now many great, sustainable detergents and detergent alternatives. There are many DIY or finished products with the typical "fresh laundry scent", without scent or for allergy sufferers.

In this article we explain the differences between our various detergents and their advantages and disadvantages.

At the bottom you will also find a few tips so that your laundry smells good and your laundry day is even more sustainable.

Universal wash strips

The washing strips are a practical and uncomplicated alternative to detergents in plastic bottles.

They are, so to speak, a detergent concentrate in the form of strips. Their packaging is made of cardboard and is recyclable.

For everyone who loves the typical "fresh laundry scent", bluu offers the "Alpenfrische" scent. Prefer no scent? No problem, there is also an unscented version.

bluu, washing strips, universal, sustainable, environmentally friendly, washing clothes


Fill the washing machine with laundry, place washing strips on the laundry and off you go!

The bluu wash strips are suitable for all water hardness levels and all colors.


Biodegradable, no plastic waste, easy to use, does not contain common pollutants, vegan & cruelty free


Are currently still made in Asia (bluu is working on moving production to Europe), not a natural product

Ecological detergent

Our ecological detergents are ready-to-use detergents made from just a few ingredients. They are very gentle, unscented and also suitable for sensitive skin.

So if you are looking for an uncomplicated but compatible detergent, the BeGreener detergent is the right choice.

ecological detergent, begreener


Simply put the appropriate amount of washing powder in the compartment and off you go!


Hypoallergenic, easy to use, (environmentally) compatible ingredients, only a few ingredients, made in Germany, Swiss company, vegan & cruelty free


No fragrance, heavy glass

Organic soap nuts

Soapnuts are a purely natural product; The soap nuts are cracked open and dried. The contained saponins clean textiles reliably. Soap nuts have been used for washing clothes for many centuries.

Our soap nuts come from ethical producers who pay their employees fair wages.

soap nuts


Put 3-8 soapnut shell halves in the laundry bag, put them directly in the washing drum and off you go!

The same soap nuts can be used 3-4 times. After use they can be composted.


Hypoallergenic, natural product, compostable, (environmentally) compatible product, vegan & cruelty free, available as a trial size


Grown & manufactured in India


Stain remover, natural, vegan, handmade, swissmade, circle soaps
Stain remover for stubborn stains: Moisten and apply directly to the affected area. Leave on for a short time and wash as usual.
Curd soap, vegan, sustainable, plastic-free
Curd soap has many possible uses: as a stain remover, for making your own detergents and cleaning products, for washing dishes.
Clothespins, bamboo, sustainable

Bamboo clothespins: Contain no tannin and therefore do not soil the textiles. To hang up laundry, to seal bags or to label things.

coraball, washing ball, microplastic, washing clothes

Simply add the laundry ball to the laundry; it easily collects microfibers from the water without releasing microplastics itself. So that we will soon have more fish in the sea instead of plastic particles.

Guppyfriend, wash bag, avoid microplastics in laundry

Put your synthetic clothes in the laundry bag and prevent microplastics from getting into the water. After use, you can simply remove the synthetic fibers from the Guppyfriend wash bag.

Dryer balls, vegan, sustainable, plastic-free, zero waste
Add the vegan dryer balls to your laundry and shorten the drying time.


Switching to a sustainable detergent doesn't always go smoothly. There is no universal solution for the different levels of water hardness, washing machines and soiling. The best thing to do is try out a few things and see what suits you best.

The cause of a bad smell does not have to be the detergent. This often comes from the washing machine itself. The best way to do this is to clean the washing machine thoroughly and wash it at 90°C from time to time.

It is best to hang up laundry and avoid the dryer . This is not only better for the environment, but also for the electricity bill, and your textiles will last longer.

The sun also has a brightening effect and disinfects your textiles at the same time. Particularly suitable for cloth diapers, cloth panty liners and period panties .

With sodium percarbonate you can remove the gray haze from white laundry. Or use it as a bleach, degreaser, cleaner, descaler, fabric softener, odor remover, oxidizing agent, and much more.

Sodium percarbonate, oxygen bleach, sustainable
Other helpers when doing laundry are citric acid and baking soda . With baking soda you can clean your washing machine and fight bad smells. You can descale your washing machine with citric acid.
Baking soda, household helperLemon, natural cleaning agent

We hope these tips will make your laundry day a fun day ;)

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