Nachhaltiges Picknick: So geht's

Sustainable picnic: Here's how

Jun 20, 2023Manuela Frei

You don't need much for a sustainable picnic. Ultimately, you can use exactly the same products that you use for eating at home, and beach towels or a duvet cover are also suitable as a picnic blanket.

But if you are on the road more often, you might want to invest in a lighter and handier alternative.


As already mentioned, pretty much any cloth or sheet is suitable as a picnic blanket. We recommend using a cloth made from a natural fiber such as cotton, hemp or linen. These are particularly environmentally friendly and leave no microplastics behind.

In our shop you will find matching large beach towels or hammam towels made of cotton.

hammam towelslarge beach towel, cotton, vegan


It’s best to make super tasty drinks yourself. Ice tea in particular is very easy: Brew a strong black tea, let it cool down and season with lemon and the sugar of your choice.

Our Assam black tea is particularly suitable for this.


The selection of possible dishes is huge. Whether sandwiches, salads, cold plates, dips or dessert, everything has to be transported to the location.

Of course, it depends primarily on the dish you choose: Sandwiches and smaller dishes fit well in stainless steel boxes, salads in a bowl covered with a bowl cover, dip vegetables in a silicone bag, sauces in leak-proof stainless steel boxes or even preserving jars.

You can find all of our storage products HERE .

So that your food is particularly sustainable, it is advisable to use regional and seasonal foods: try a baba ganoush (aubergine-based) instead of avocado or hummus. Bake your own bread. Use strawberries and blueberries instead of exotic fruits.

In this blog post you will find ideas on how you can shop sustainably even without bulk shopping.

Cutlery & crockery

The most sustainable way is still to simply use the dishes from home. However, if you are often on the go anyway and would like to pack something lighter, our bamboo cutlery sets are ideal.

bamboo cutlery

bowl cover

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