8 Dinge, die du mit Wachstüchern aufbewahren kannst

8 things you can store with oilcloths

Jun 20, 2023Manuela Frei

Vegan wax towels can be used in many different ways. In this blog post we show you 8 things that you can easily store in oilcloths.

1 Fruits, Fruits & Vegetables

Half an apple is enough for you? You only need a wheel of cucumber? You can easily place the cut vegetables with the cut side on an oilcloth and press well all around. It stays fresh longer thanks to the reduced air circulation


2 sandwiches

You can easily wrap sandwiches & Co. in an oilcloth instead of cling film. So you don't always have to take a heavy lunch box with you.

3 snacks

For nuts or vegetable sticks you can form a small bag out of a larger oilcloth. This can then be easily opened and closed again.

4 Cover the bowl or gratin dish

To keep salad, potato gratin or cauliflower casserole fresh longer, you can cover the bowl or dish with an oilcloth.
Oilcloth, vegan, cover bowl

5 bottle caps

Lost the cap on your favorite bottle? Instead of the lid, simply put a small piece of oilcloth over the bottle.

6 drinking glass

At picnics or barbecues, insects like to fly into the drinking glass or carafe. Just put an oilcloth over it and the problem is solved.

7 berries & snacks

Shape your oilcloth into a small, open box and serve snacks and berries inside, or store them in the fridge as is.

8 Soap & Solid Shampoo

When traveling you can keep your soap safe in an oilcloth.

We hope we were able to show you some new ideas on how to use oilcloths in this post. Do you keep other things in oilcloths? Write your ideas & tips in the comments. You can find our vegan oilcloths, oilcloth sets and oilcloth rolls HERE.

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