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Sustainable gift packaging

Jun 20, 2023Manuela Frei

Unfortunately, wrapping paper is not very sustainable: it is difficult or impossible to recycle.

That's why we would like to show you some nice alternatives so that not only your tree is green 🎄

Zero waste gift wrapping ideas

Wrap gifts in recycled paper

If you've ordered from us before, you know that we're big fans of recycled paper.

Gifts can also be wrapped nicely in wrapping material, newspaper, magazines or children's drawings.

Very small gifts also fit in toilet rolls, for example đŸ§»

This not only protects the environment, but also your wallet đŸ’«

Pack gifts sustainably, ideas
diy advent calendar

You can find plastic-free & vegan adhesive tape HERE .

Cloths, furoshiki or handkerchiefs

Fabrics offer a very elegant option for gift wrapping. This can be fabric remnants or a scarf/neckerchief, handkerchief, tea towel, towel, tablecloth, pillowcase or even a Furoshiki. This saves the packaging, so to speak, and looks really nice 🎁

FuroshikiCloth handkerchief as gift packaging

Useful & creative packaging

The homemade biscuits in a stainless steel box , the chocolate in a stasher bag , the T-shirt or socks in a shopping bag , the wine wrapped in a sponge cloth ; Loop and decoration on it, et voilà, probably the most sustainable gift packaging ✹

You can find stainless steel boxes HERE .

Sponge cloth, wine bottle, sustainable packagingPack gifts sensibly

Sustainable decoration ideas

- Fir branches
- Dried orange or apple slices
- Leaves
- Pinecone
- Cinnamon sticks
- dried flowers
- twigs
- Stars made of paper, clay, salt dough or wood
- Cookies
- Chocolate
- Candy canes
- wooden discs
- Pearls
- Buttons

dried oranges, sustainable decoration

final word

We hope we were able to give you some nice ideas for your gifts and hope that you spread a lot of joy with them during the Christmas season :)

wrap gifts sustainably

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