DIY: Nachhaltiger Adventskalender

DIY: Sustainable Advent Calendar

Jun 20, 2023Manuela Frei

Christmas is still far away, but if you want to make an advent calendar, you can't be too early :)

We have put together a few ideas for homemade advent calendars and fillings for you.

Make an advent calendar

There are, of course, countless ways to make a calendar. The following ideas are easy to implement and many of them can be found lying around in most households anyway. So why not make an upcycled advent calendar from the following materials?

- Matchbox
- Empty toilet paper rolls
- Sandwich bag
- shoe boxes
- Basket of organic vegetables
- Newsprint bags
- Potato sack
- scraps of fabric

And this is what you can do with it:

- Boxes can be easily glued together and decorated beautifully.
- Bags, bags etc. can be attached to a line with clothespins.
- The gifts can be hidden in a large (potato) sack attached to long strings.
- Baskets can be easily stacked (with harmless content).
- Wrap scraps of fabric around the products such as wrapping paper with a bow or sew small bags
- Small packages can also be placed in a large basket or box, so there is a surprise every day

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Fill plastic-free and vegan

Of course you know the classics like chocolate, tangerines, nuts & Co. But there are so many more possibilities! Here again a list; because we are fans of little blah blah and lots of ideas instead ;)

- Gingerbread
- (Homemade) granola bars
- Bliss Balls (caution durability)
- Small toys
- A larger toy divided over several days
- Jigsaw Puzzles
- Chewing gum
- Lollipops or lozenges
- Samples of products
- Soap
- socks
- hair clips
- Poems or short stories
- (key) fob
- snaps (shots)
- Crystals

We have also put together all our smallest and/or cheapest products for you, which can also be beautiful calendar fillings.

Products such as hair ties can also be spread over several days.

Gifts under CHF 10.-

In addition to products and food, an advent calendar can also contain vouchers. Because time is always a nice gift:

- Massage
- Do the dishes
- Go on an excursion: hike, barbeque, visit Lebenshof ...
- Cook
- Create a free afternoon for the partner

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So that you can craft your calendars as sustainably as possible, you will find a small selection of craft materials in our shop:


sustainable handicraft material, vegan

final word

We hope we were able to give you some nice ideas for your calendars and hope that you spread a lot of joy with them during the Christmas season :)

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