Rasierst du noch oder hobelst du schon?

Are you still shaving or are you already planing?

Jun 20, 2023Manuela Frei

Single-use and reusable razors made of plastic produce a lot of waste (and then there is the packaging...), unnecessarily. Because there are now many, also nice (!) alternatives.

Many people panic when they first come into contact with safety razors. This need not be. And: There is also an alternative to this.

In this blog post, I'll clear up some myths about safety razors and give you tips on how to guarantee that your shave doesn't end in a bloodbath 🩸 I'll also introduce you to all our shaving products so that you can make the right choice for you. Here we go!

The safety razor

In our shop you will find two types of safety razors: a safety razor with a rotary opening and one with a butterfly opening . The opening describes how the blade is inserted. With the rotary opening, the razor head is completely unscrewed and "disassembled" into individual parts (there are only 3 pieces 😉).

With the butterfly opening, the handle is turned at the bottom and the razor opens as if by magic. Above all, this opening facilitates cleaning, because the razor should be rinsed thoroughly after each shave.

The rotary opening safety razor is made of stainless steel and has a sturdier design; it is therefore heavier in the hand. The butterfly razor has a sleek and lightweight unisex design with a slightly longer handle. This makes it particularly suitable for larger areas such as the legs.

Both safety razors are designed for a lifetime of use. We chose the Parker brand: Parker is a traditional company that has years of experience with razors. They were making safety razors before they were on everyone's lips.

But they are also forward-thinking and completely dispense with plastic in their packaging.

Back to handling: safety razors all have the same blades as standard. The double blades are what probably puts many off. But honestly, I don't cut myself any more or less than with standard razors.


Once the blade is in place, you're good to go. (I will say more about shaving soap & Co. below.)

The right angle is important when shaving with a safety razor. This should be approx. 45°. And then you just shave as usual.

It's best to take your time, because something is right; the safety razor is less forgiving than one with a moving head. But it's also just a matter of getting used to 🤗

As usual, skin folds (e.g. on the knee) should be tightened.

Be careful with the upper blade. But who shaves with their eyes closed 🙈

By the way, you can shave your whole body with the safety razor, just like with standard razors.


  • The biggest advantage is of course that no more plastic is produced. But that's not the only advantage.
  • The safety razor is a lot cheaper in the long run: the razor blades cost only a fraction and last even longer (you can even turn them once!).
  • The safety razor with butterfly opening is extremely easy to clean.
  • The shave is much gentler: safety razors cut the hair exactly at skin level. So a veeeeery little bit less deep, which is not noticeable by hand. As a result, ingrown hairs are less common.

A video in which I explain the safety razor in detail and show you how to use the blade can be found HERE .

Safety razor, plastic-free, zero waste, shave

Movable head razor

Leaf shave, razor, movable head
An alternative to the safety razor is the Leaf Shave razor . It has a swivel head and is very similar to plastic razors in handling:
three-blade razor, plastic-free, zero waste, sustainable

The Leaf razor can accommodate up to 3 blades . The fewer blades used, the smoother the shave.

The blades consist of half a commercially available double blade (as for safety razors). Blades already halved are included in the delivery. But as I said, you can also use other blade brands and break them directly in the middle of the paper.

To insert the blades, the wheel is turned to open up the individual levels. Then simply place the blades on the ticks; this is facilitated by a magnet. Finally screw it back on and you're done. It sounds a bit complicated when put into words, but it's actually quite simple.

In this VIDEO I explain the razor in detail and show how it works. (The packaging has meanwhile been redesigned and new blades that have already been halved are included.)

The Leaf Shave is also completely plastic-free and designed to last a lifetime.

The razor is unisex and can also be used on the whole body.


Like standard razors with a movable head.


  • The biggest advantage is of course that no more plastic is produced. But that's not the only advantage.
  • Thanks to the movable head, you don't need to get used to it
  • In the long run it is cheaper than standard razors
  • Customizable specifically to your needs: 1-3 blades
  • Matching stand for chic storage
Leaf Shave, razor, stand, plastic-free, zero waste, Switzerland

Tilted head razor

If the Leaf razor is a bit too much of a good thing, you will definitely like the Twig razor . The Twig is right between a safety razor and the Leaf razor. It has a fixed, inclined head and can therefore be guided very precisely.

As with the butterfly safety razor, the lower part of the handle can be rotated and the blade inserted.

The Twig is also suitable for shaving the entire body.

leaf shave, twig, shaver, tilted head


Like standard plastic razors without a moving head.


  • The biggest advantage is of course that no more plastic is produced. But that's not the only benefit.
  • Thanks to the tilted head, you don't need to get used to it
  • In the long run it is cheaper than standard razors
  • Thanks to the very small head, it is particularly suitable for precise work
  • Matching stand for chic storage
  • Rotating mechanism for easy cleaning and blade replacement
  • Safer shave compared to standard safety razors as it only has 1 blade on 1 side
Twig, Razor, Leaf Shave, Plastic Free, Sustainable, Shaving

In a nutshell:

Razor comparison, zero waste, plastic-free, sustainable, safety razor, Switzerland

Good to know

Since safety razors and leaf shaves are not made of plastic, they should ideally be kept dry and out of the shower. In other words, you should be able to dry between uses. Although they are both rust-free, their service life can still be shortened if they are permanently wet.

After use, the razors should be rinsed and cleaned well.

The razor blades are generally not recycled. However, I would still ask the local disposal point, since the disposal options of the individual points can differ.

If the blades cannot be recycled, it is advisable to collect them and then pack them well and put them in the garbage bag. Wrapped up well so neither you nor anyone else can cut themselves.

You can use any can or jar for storage. Or a special storage box like this one:

Storage box for razor blades

Shaving soap & Co

You don't need any special shaving soap or shaving cream to shave. A regular body soap or shower gel will also work.

However, shaving soaps have one advantage: You can see exactly where you have already shaved. In our shop you will find 2 variants. A shaving soap or an all-in-one soap, both of which produce a dense foam:

Circle Soaps, shaving soap, vegan, sustainable, handmade, Switzerland, swissmadesolid shaving foam, vegan, wash wash cousin, sustainable, cruelty free

In addition to soap, an oil can also be used for shaving. This cares for the skin while you shave.

final word

Whether a safety razor, the Twig or the Leaf Shave razor; it's a matter of taste and budget. We like to say it like this:

The butterfly safety razor is for patient people on a budget, the moving-head razor is for clumsy luxury lovers. And the Twig falls right in between and is especially suited for people who want a close shave :)

Razor, illustration, zero waste

I hope I was able to take away some of your fears of a change. All in all, the two razors are not only cheaper in the long run, they also feel high-quality and the shave is more comfortable. So have courage! 🤗

You can find all our shaving products HERE .

Do you have any questions or comments? We are happy to supplement and expand our knowledge :)

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