Der plastikfreie Abwasch

The plastic-free dishwashing

Jun 20, 2023Manuela Frei

A few small changes can save a lot of plastic in the kitchen. Here we show you some of these swaps, which are not only easy but also look nice 😏

It is important here, in accordance with the entire Zero Waste philosophy; Only use up what is there and only replace something when it no longer works and cannot be repaired.

Washing up, sustainable, plastic-free, zero waste

You can easily save plastic when washing dishes: The usual products can be replaced 1:1 with a more sustainable variant. So instead of a plastic dishwashing brush you choose one made of wood or bamboo, instead of a plastic sponge you use a loofah sponge, a sponge made of wood pulp or coconut fibres, instead of liquid detergent you use dish soap or you simply make your own detergent and fill it in a pump bottle made of glass . Solid soap is used to wash hands.

When washing dishes, however, it is not only important to use sustainable products. If possible, it should not be rinsed with running water.

Water used to wash vegetables and fruits can be collected and used for house and balcony plants.

In our shop you will find a large selection of vegan and plastic-free brushes, various (loofah) sponges, dishcloths, cleaning rags, cleaning agents and empty glass bottles in various sizes with many attachments.

Household brushes, made of wood, sustainable, vegan, plastic-free

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