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Jun 20, 2023Manuela Frei

basil, multiply, urban gardening, sustainable, Switzerland, zero waste

Basil is one of those plants that tends to die off if you plant it in a pot on the balcony. Specimens bought in stores in particular do not survive long, as they are bred quickly and are therefore very sensitive. The cultivated basil sprout like weeds!

Basil in the pot

I recommend sowing basil indoors in spring and then planting it out when it's a little bigger.

Once you have a great little plant, it seems to have been picked empty with a portion of pesto.

Propagating this one super hardy plant is extremely easy:

To do this, cut off the top part of a stem and remove the lower leaves. Then place the stalk in a small bowl of tap water.

Place in a rather shady spot at the beginning, as soon as the first roots can be seen, a bit of sunlight stimulates the growth of the roots.

It is important that the water is always clear.

Basil, multiply, sustainable, urban gardening, plant propagation, zero waste, Switzerland

The basil in the picture grew in about 4 weeks.

When the roots are big enough, you can put the new plant in the ground.

It is best to first drain the pot with expanded clay, which stores moisture well and prevents waterlogging.

Easter cactus

For the Easter cactus I used a different method that is super easy and quick:

To do this, pick off 1-2 particles and put them halfway into the ground. Keep the whole thing moist and new, green sprouts will grow within about 1 month.

Easter cactus, multiply

With these two methods, other plant species can also be propagated. With a little research, you can create a green oasis on the balcony with just a few plants. Inexpensive and Zero Waste!

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