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Sustainable vacation

Jun 20, 2023Manuela Frei

It's vacation time. This also means that it is time for a new everyday life and new needs. Since we are not going too far away this year, the enormous emissions from the planes are also unnecessary ‍✈️

So Switzerland is very popular and so is hiking, a trip to the lake & camping.

Here are some ideas & tips on how to make your holidays sustainable:

Products with multiple uses

Less is more, not only with Zero Waste, but also on vacation. After all, you don't want to hump half your household up the mountain :) 2 in 1 products are your perfect companion.

All in one soap

Shampoo, body and shaving soap in one. You can also use it to wash dishes in an emergency ;)

Loofah slice

With these loofah discs, your soap stays dry when you travel and you can use it for washing dishes at the same time. In addition, they are extremely light.

Loofah slice

Shopping nets or net bags

Plastic-free shopping is also important during the holidays. In addition to vegetables and fruits, you can also store dirty laundry or shoes in these nets. This keeps your suitcase or backpack organized 👍

Shopping net made from organic cottonmesh pocket

A sustainable bathing day

Summer holidays are bathing holidays. You should be particularly careful around water and not spread rubbish or chemicals on land or in the water. If you have a few free minutes, you can also "go Fötzele" 🙌

Hammam towel instead of bath towel

These towels are extremely light, absorbent and dry quickly. The ideal bath towel. But they are also suitable as a picnic towel, thin blanket or throw.

Made from 100% cotton and completely vegan 💚

Hammam towel, vegan, sustainable, bath towel

Stasher bags

These silicone bags are ideal for keeping things dry or to protect other things from getting wet. Transport your wet bathing suit or soap in it. Protect your smartphone from moisture.

Keep your crackers fresh inside or seal your fruit securely. Also suitable as a toiletry bag.

Available in different sizes.

Stasher, silicone pouch, zero waste


If you want to keep water bodies and yourself healthy, you should take a very close look at the ingredients in your sunscreen. Harmless sun protection is available from Amazinc ☀️, for example

mineral sunscreen, vegan, plastic-free

Travel light

It doesn't always have to be the 100g soap or 150 pack of toothbrush tabs; Just take the travel size with you or cut off what you really need.

Solid shampoos, soaps and conditioners in particular are perfect for travel. Simply cut with a sharp knife (be careful with your fingers!) and take it with you in a tin or a silicone bag.

Toothpaste & Mouthwash Tabs

Just count how many you need and take them with you in a small tin or even a paper bag.

Tip: better pack a few more in case one falls down the drain ;)

toothpaste tabs

travel brushes

Take up little space and also fit in the handbag 👜

sustainable travel brush

Be prepared

When you're out and about all day, it's important to always be prepared. Spontaneous stops and actions are no problem.

cutlery set

Of course, you can also simply take your cutlery with you from home. But if you pack really lightly, you'll be happy about this versatile lightweight 🎍

In addition, the backpack does not rattle with every step :)

Travel cutlery, made of bamboo, sustainable

Patches for all cases

A long day in the new hiking shoes,
a bubble says hello.
placed his bottom on a wooden bench,
immediately collects a splitter.
Carved the stick in the evening,
scratched a memory into your finger.

Bad rhymes aside; A plaster and little helpers like tweezers are part of every adventure.

vegan patches

care balm

For dry skin & lips.

Tame flyaway hair.

SOS balm

We wish you a nice holiday!

Stasher, reusable, sandwich bag

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