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Jun 20, 2023Manuela Frei

Plastic-free and natural hair care can be a challenge at first. To make it easier for you to find your way through all the confusion, we are giving you a few tips and tricks here and explaining our products at the same time.

There are many different ways to care for your hair. This is not about prescribing something, but about giving an overview and presenting some possibilities. Not every method works for every hair type, and experimentation is always part of the game. But with our tips you have a clue and can see what might be suitable for you. So, let's go :)

Solid shampoo vs. hair soap

The first thing you should decide is whether you want to use a solid shampoo or a hair soap. This is extremely important because the care effect is different. Roughly speaking, solid shampoo is what you know in liquid form.

A hair soap is just as its name suggests, a soap for your hair. This is created by saponification processes from mostly different oils.

In our shop we offer both, because hair is as different as people :)

hair soap

If you switch from commercial shampoo to a solid care product, you have to reckon with a transition period of a few weeks with the hair soap. This is because the remains of the commercial shampoo and other care products first have to be completely removed from the hair. To speed up this process a bit, we recommend using an acid rinse (vinegar rinse). More on that below.

After using a hair soap, you should use a conditioner or acidic rinse. The soap "opens" your hair structure and your hair can easily dry out and become straw-like. A conditioner or vinegar rinse will "seal" your hair back in and condition it.

Use: Lather up the hair soap until you get a dense foam and really cover all your hair, then wash it out well.

Caution: If the water is very hard, there can be a reaction between soap and lime, which can make your hair greasy. You can then simply wash it out with an acidic rinse.

We have hair soaps from different manufacturers. You can simply choose and try one according to your hair type. We also have fragrance-free variants in the shop; for anyone with sensitive skin.

HERE you can find all our hair soaps.

hair soap

Solid shampoo

But you can also switch to a solid shampoo; there is no transition period and your hair does not require any extra care as with hair soap. So you can also do without a conditioner or an acidic rinse.

Application: Like liquid shampoo.

Caution: More processed ingredients.

We have hair soaps from different manufacturers. There is a special shampoo for every hair type.

You can find our solid shampoos HERE .

solid shampoo

The right care makes the difference

In addition to hair cleaning, care is of course also the be-all and end-all. We present a few options here. First of all, the essential products such as conditioner and acidic rinse, but also masks and oils for a little extra care in between.

hair conditioner

We offer solid and liquid conditioners. As with solid shampoos/hair soap, there are differences. The easiest way is to choose the right variant based on your hair type. You can find the conditioners HERE .

solid conditioner

Acid Rinse / Vinegar Rinse

That sounds a bit hard to get used to at first, but it's really a great thing. Vinegar conditioners help your scalp and hair maintain the correct pH level. Especially when using hair soap, it can be too basic.

Vinegar rinses can also be very beneficial for oily, dry or scaly scalps and help to bring them back into balance.

Vinegar rinses also help remove leftover commercial care products from the hair. And they also counteract hard water.

You can either make a sour rinse yourself or use our ready-made mixtures.

The conditioners from Bain & Savon are mixed with different plants, which steep in vinegar for 3 weeks. As a result, they smell very pleasant and hardly like vinegar.

Application: Shake well and apply or spray over wet hair. Massage in and wash out if necessary. The light vinegar scent disappears as soon as the hair is dry.

Caution: addictive :)

You can find our vinegar rinses HERE .

vinegar rinse, acidic rinse, buy

hair oils

If you need a little more care in between, oils are particularly recommended. These can either be used as a hair mask or you can just put them on the ends.

In the shop we have two different options from BePure: Repair Haircare especially for the hair or pure argan oil, which can also be used all over the body.

hair oil

dry shampoo

Refresh your hair with dry shampoo in between and extend the intervals between your hair washes.

Dry shampoo, zero waste, vegan, plastic-free, sustainable, natural cosmetics


Solid soaps and the like must be stored correctly so that you can use them for as long as possible. Don't let them sit in a puddle or they'll get muddy.

We offer different options in the shop: a loofah disk, a magnetic soap holder, a soap dish, a soap box or a soap bag.

loofah, soap storage

You can also fill a jar or jar with stones or beads to create a kind of drainage.

Combs & Brushes

To keep your hair tangle-free, a brush or comb is of course important. Our hairbrushes are plastic-free and made in Italy from FSC wood and natural rubber and colored with natural colors.

sustainable hairbrush, plastic-free, made of wood

hair ties

Commercial hair ties contain petroleum-based plastic. Not so Kooshoo; Their hair ties and scrunchies are 100% biodegradable. This thanks to the rubber made of natural rubber.

Hair ties, scrunchies, sustainable, plastic-free, zero waste, Switzerland

We hope that you now have an overview of some of the options for your hair care and that you can now find your way around better. If you have any questions or even recommendations, our inbox is always open :)

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