Toothbrush box - Greencult

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CHF 5.90
  • toothbrush protection
  • Fits many (wooden) toothbrushes
  • Made of PLA based on corn starch
  • Made in Austria

The toothbrush box offers hygienic protection of the toothbrush when travelling.

The toothbrush box is made of corn PLA, so it is petroleum-free. It is manufactured in Austria using a 3D printing process. Please understand that 3D printing can sometimes create minimal "blemishes" in the surface, this means that small holes/streaks can appear in the case, which do not affect the function in any way, but are visually present.

Dimensions: 2.5 x 2 x 4.5 cm
Hole diameter (for toothbrush neck): 1 cm x 7 mm

You can find matching toothbrushes HERE. The toothbrush box fits all of our wooden and bamboo toothbrushes.


Greencult is a young Austrian company. They have their products manufactured under fair conditions and work as transparently as possible. Their products are characterized by a natural, practical and minimalistic yet beautiful design.