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CHF 4.95
  • Powder for mixing toilet cleaner
  • Immediate effect with citric acid
  • Deep cleansing thanks to probiotics
  • For quick removal of dirt and limescale
  • 2 3 g for 650 ml water (1 sachet)
  • With easily biodegradable ingredients
  • Recyclable paper packaging
  • Made in Germany
  • Vegan certified & cruelty free

Simply dissolve the toilet cleaner powder into toilet gel and use it to clean the toilet rim and the toilet in a natural and sustainable way with the probiotics it contains.

The probiotic microorganisms break down organic deposits even where you can't reach with the toilet brush and prevent rapid re-contamination.

This makes the toilet gel a secret weapon against limescale, urine scale and stubborn dirt. This makes toilet hygiene very easy.

- Long-term effect thanks to probiotics for a permanently clean toilet
- Instant effect with citric acid for quick removal of dirt and limescale
- Long-term odor control: works against the cause instead of just covering it up
- Displaces harmful bacteria
- Natural colors from sweet potato, radish, apple and cherry

Ecocert certified.

Initial application

Water - Powder - Shake!
Fill your bottle with 650 ml of warm water (35-40°C).
Now add the toilet cleaner powder
Close the bottle tightly and shake it vigorously for about 10 seconds. In the next 30 minutes the powder should have dissolved.

Add some overnight magic:
It may take some time for everything to completely dissolve. Individual particles may take a little longer. By the next morning at the latest, everything should have completely dissolved and you can use your toilet cleaner without any problems.

Tips for use

Some pressure may form in the bottle as it dissolves. Therefore, open the bottle carefully when using it for the first time and keep the opening turned away from you.

To use the toilet cleaner, fold up the toilet seat and put some toilet cleaner into the toilet bowl and under the toilet rim. Important: Do not press the bottle too hard! A low pressure is enough to apply enough gel. Depending on the degree of dirt, allow the toilet cleaner to work for a little longer and then reapply with the toilet brush.

We deliberately avoid using plastic in our packaging, so please make sure that you store the product in a dry place.

Smells naturally and subtly of lime, mint & ginger

5% -<15% anionic surfactants, <5% non-ionic surfactants, fragrances (LIMONENE, CITRAL, LINALOOL, GERANIOL), POTASSIUM SORBATE. Also contains: thickener, sugar alcohol, pH regulator, sodium citrate, complexing agent, microorganisms, silica, dye.

89% of the ingredients are of natural origin.

DANGER! Causes skin irritation. Causes serious eye irritation. Contains limonene. Can cause allergic reactions.

Recyclable paper packaging.
Dispose of in waste paper.

everdrop is a young company from Germany. The B-Corp certified company produces sustainable & vegan everyday products and creates real added value for the planet and people.