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Water dispenser «Self Watering Spikes» 4 pcs. - Fair Zone

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CHF 18.00
  • Made of clay
  • Compatible with various (long neck) bottles
  • Keeps the soil permanently moist
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • 15cm x 4.8cm
  • Plastic free

The innovative Self Watering Spikes take on the role of a reliable water supplier for your plants.
As soon as the potting soil dries out, the water penetrates the soil thanks to the clay spike and nourishes the plants until they are sufficiently watered.
Clay has the special property of storing and continuously releasing water, which means the soil stays permanently moist.
These smart spikes prove to be perfect helpers during the holiday season and enable healthy plant growth.

Each Spike mini is individually 15cm high and fits a variety of long-neck bottles of different sizes.

With their support, you can be sure that your plants are always optimally supplied with water, even when you are not there.

1. Water the water dispenser for 1-2 hours
2. Carefully insert the water dispenser into the ground
3. Place the glass bottle filled with water on the spike and watering is done
4. Let the spikes dry in winter. The product is not frost-proof.

Height: 15cm
Outer rim diameter: 48mm
Inner rim diameter: 36mm

The product is not frost-proof.
Caution fragile!


The water dispenser is made from the red clay of Sri Lanka. Pottery is a long-standing tradition there and clay plays a big role in everyday life in Sri Lanka. Cooking pots are made from it and it is also used in house building. Currently, potteries are supported by the government to offer workshops for young people. This way the craftsmanship can be maintained.

Fair Zone is part of Fair Squared. The German company develops and produces quality products together with its fair trade partners in traceable production processes. So they pay more for the ingredients that they source from poor regions of the world. This will be used to improve the living and working conditions of producers, plantation workers and small farmers as well as their families on site. FAIR ZONE stands for fair treatment of everyone involved in the production process.