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  • Reusable coffee filter made from organic cotton (GOTS)
  • Ecological, plastic-free alternative to conventional disposable paper filters
  • 12.5x21cm

The reusable coffee filters made of organic cotton are ideally suited for the original coffee preparation of the pour over, the manual filtration, and ensure a full-bodied coffee enjoyment with a strong character.

Please boil the filter in water for a few minutes before using it for the first time.

Material: organic cotton (GOTS)
Dimensions: 12.5 x 21 cm, for the Melitta® 1×4® filter body, for 6-12 cups
Care: Rinse with hot water and then allow to dry

Made in a social business in India.

Simply replace your disposable filters with a fabric filter and brew your coffee as usual. Rinse the filter thoroughly after use and hang to dry. Boil the filter in water for a few minutes every 4-6 weeks to remove any oily residue.

How does hand filtration work?
For a filter coffee you need a medium-coarse ground coffee. Place the filter body on your cup, mug or other container of your choice and insert the cloth filter. Now pour hot water over the filter. The water moistens the filter and preheats the vessel. Pour out the water before actually making the coffee. Put the coffee in the cloth filter. Note the formula 18/300/96. For 300 ml of coffee enjoyment, you should brew 18g of coffee with 96° hot water as a guide.
Begin the preparation by first adding just enough water to the coffee to just cover it. Let the coffee swell for a moment. Now fill in the remaining water slowly and in circular movements from the outside in so that the coffee rises in the fabric filter. Experiment with the ratio of coffee to water to refine the taste for your individual enjoyment.

Organic cotton (GOTS)

Rinse with hot water and then let dry


Made in a social business in India.

Greencult is a young Austrian company. They have their products manufactured under fair conditions and work as transparently as possible. Their products are characterized by a natural, practical and minimalistic yet beautiful design.