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vegan wax wraps set «Swirly Eye» - Little Bee Fresh

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CHF 21.90
  • Set of 2 vegan wax wraps
  • Use them instead of cling film
  • Handmade
  • Made from organic cotton, vegetable wax & tree resin

Use these beautifully quirky wax wraps instead of plastic wrap and keep your groceries fresher for longer. Simply warm it up with your hands and put it over the desired bowl, bottle or glass and press it down. But you can also use it to form a small bag and pack nuts or other snacks in it or pack cut fruit and berries. Or fold the cloth around a sandwich like wrapping paper.
Thanks to the tree resin, the wax wrap has a slight adhesive effect.

If your wax wrap isn't that nice anymore, you can freshen it up with our repair wax.

The organic cotton is printed in Germany, the vegetable wax comes from Germany and the tree resin comes from a pitcher in Austria.

After use, wash the oilcloth with cold water and, if necessary, with a mild dish soap.
Hang to dry.

1x large cloth (30x30cm)
1x medium cloth (20x20cm)

The packaging consists of a cardboard envelope and is plastic-free.

The vegan wax wraps are made in a factory on Lake Constance.

Little Bee Fresh is a mother-daughter company from Germany. To be more precise, it is pretty much across the street from us on Lake Constance. They pay strict attention to pesticide-free raw materials. The wax wraps are made by hand with a lot of love.