Starter Bundle «the Twig» - Leaf Shave

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Razor «the Twig» - Leaf Shave (color)
Stand for «the Twig» - Leaf Shave (color)
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  • Complete set from “the Twig”
  • Razor with tilted head
  • 5 pcs. razor blades
  • Stand for storage
  • Box for storing razor blades
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • Unisex

This revolutionary razor made of stainless steel and zinc gives you the shaving experience you are used to with standard razors, without the usual plastic.
The head of the razor is tilted and is therefore safe and easy to use.

The blade can be easily inserted thanks to the rotating mechanism on the handle.

The bundle contains:
- 1 piece “the Twig” razor from Leaf Shave
- 1 piece stand for Leaf Shave razor
- 1 pack of 5 razor blades from Leaf Shave
- 1 pc. tin for storing your used Leaf Shave razor blades

Keep the razor out of the shower and clean it regularly.

Cardboard & paper

Leaf Shave is a young American company that produces these sustainable razors. Launched in 2017 with an idea on Kickstarter, this innovative product is now conquering the zero waste scene.