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Soap Dish - Zero Waste Club

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CHF 23.80
  • Soap dish made from non-recyclable plastic waste
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Handmade in England

What almost looks like marble is actually a soap dish made out of non-recyclable plastic.
With nubs to increase the soap. Easy to clean and durable. Each piece is unique.

Even if we wish for a plastic-free & sustainable world, we cannot avoid dealing with the current mountains of plastic. These soap dishes are made of plastic that cannot be recycled such as plastic bags, bubble wrap and plastic wrap. Each soap dish "saves" about 14 plastic bags from burning.

The soap dishes are handmade in Brighton (England).

Paper sticker on the bottom

The soap dishes are handmade in Brighton (England).

Zero Waste Club is a small UK company run by two students who work closely with manufacturing companies overseas. They care deeply about the workers and the environment. They are also very transparent and don't shy away from answering any questions.