Seed Confetti - Saatgutkonfetti

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CHF 4.95
  • Compostable confetti with seeds from 23 plants
  • Handmade in Germany
  • Made from starch and natural dyes
  • Suitable for residential areas
  • Organic
  • Vegan

Handmade starch confetti. With 23 native plant species.
The seed mixture is specially designed to provide home and food for (wild) bees, other insects and small animals.
For use in residential areas only.

The confetti is vegan and certified organic.

The plants are light germinators, so the confetti does not have to be buried. Some plants even need a period of frost to germinate, so the confetti can be used regardless of the season.

Common yarrow
Field bluebell
Rapunzel bellflower
Meadow knapweed
Scabious knapweed
Panicle knapweed
Wild carrot
Real bedstraw
Real St. John's wort
Rough dandelion
Poor meadow daisy
Real chamomile
Corn poppy
Little beavernelle
Ribwort plantain
Little Braunelle
Pigeon catchfly
Meadow goat's beard
Germander Speedwell
wild pansy

Paper bag, paper sticker.

Saatgutkonfetti is a young company from Germany.
Your goal is to build a sustainable, agile, social and innovative company that makes an important contribution to the preservation, increase and knowledge of the importance of biodiversity.
They want to show and prove that it is possible to work with nature and not against it.