Razor blades, 5 pcs. - Greencult

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CHF 2.70
  • Made of stainless steel
  • 1 pack contains 10 razor blades (double-edged)
  • Suitable for all common safety razors
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • 45mm x 25mm

5 double-edged stainless steel razor blades. Suitable for all common safety razors.

- Made of 100% chrome steel
- Recyclable

Dimensions: 45mm x 25mm

Most blades are intended to be used only once or for no more than a few days - especially not for long-term storage in a safety razor, as the likelihood of rust increases. To avoid rust, the blade should be dried after shaving and not left in a wet safety razor for a long time.
Completely stainless steel blades do not exist because they would not shave.

The packaging consists of cardboard and paper.

Made in Czech Republic.

Greencult is a young Austrian company. They have their products manufactured under fair conditions and work as transparently as possible. Their products are characterized by a natural, practical and minimalistic yet beautiful design.