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Physialis «Pineapple Cherry» organic seeds - Zollinger Bio

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CHF 5.45
  • Physalis pruinosa
  • approx. 30 seeds
  • Sowing in early - late March
  • Organic
  • Packed plastic-free

The pineapple cherry is the little sister of the Andean berry.
The fruits are in small lanterns and fall to the ground when ripe. As the name suggests, they taste slightly of pineapple; definitely excitingly exotic.
Harvesting begins in August and lasts until the first frost.
Height up to 40 cm.

Sow in a warm place at the beginning to the end of March.
Prick out young plants in the pot.
Plant outdoors from May 20th at a distance of 60 cm on all sides.
Rain cover not required.

For 10m²

Paper bag

Started in Thurgau in 1984, Zollinger Bio is now a family business that grows a selection of vegetable, herb and flower seeds on around 25 hectares of land in Valais.
The seeds are 100% organic and non-GMO and are often processed by hand. The seeds are perfectly adapted to the Swiss climate.