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Plant bag 16 liters - Gorilla Gardening

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CHF 8.80
  • With handle
  • 28cm wide, 26cm high
  • Made from recycled plastic bottles and jute

Plant bags offer a good alternative to plastic pots.
The bags are made from recycled plastic bottles and natural fibers and enable the plants to grow vigorously.
The root area is optimally ventilated and waterlogging is avoided.

The plant bags last at least 5 years.

Recycled PET bottles and jute

Dimensions: width 28cm, height 26cm
Capacity: 16 liters

Pflanzsack wird ohne Pflanze oder Erde geliefert.


The plant bags are manufactured under fair conditions in China, as the processing of recycled PET takes place almost exclusively in China.

Gorilla Gardening is a Swiss company, more precisely from Wabern BE. They lovingly handcraft seed balls and other plant and nature-related products. They also support the "Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund", which supports the protection of mountain gorillas.