Glass plant plug «Mushroom» - MAHŌ MORI

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CHF 24.00
  • Beautify your home or balcony
  • Every piece is unique
  • Mushroom: 12cm x 9cm
  • Vintage look
  • Hand made
  • Plastic free
  • Lead free

Beautify your house or balcony plants with these unique glass mushrooms.

Each mushroom is lovingly handcrafted and is unique.

The mushrooms are made using the stained glass technique. For the sake of health and the environment, only lead-free metal is used.

Colors: salmon pink mushroom cap, iridescent white stem

Tin, copper, glass
Steel rod

Mushroom: 12cm x 9cm
Total length: 18cm

Due to the manufacturing process, the glass may contain small air pockets or small bubbles. This is not a quality defect.

The metal can begin to rust when it comes into contact with moisture.


Each mushroom is lovingly handcrafted in our studio on Lake Constance.

MAHŌ MORI is a small Swiss brand that explores all kinds of creative work and crafts.
MAHŌ MORI works in harmony with nature and conserves resources. The unique pieces are intended to inspire you to be more careful with the environment and yourself.