Magnetic soap holder «Soapi» - Soapi

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CHF 12.90
  • Made from recycled fishing nets
  • Keeps soap dry & safe
  • Works with any bottle cap
  • For soaps up to 250g
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • Made in Germany
  • With vegan glue

The unique magnetic soap holders are not only a real eye-catcher, but also a step towards a greener future. By using recycled materials and a clever magnetic design that extends the life of your soap, you're taking a stand against throwaway culture.

With the Soapi you can easily attach your shampoos and soaps to the wall or in the shower.

The Soapi is designed in such a way that a crown cap is used as a metal counterpart and can therefore serve another purpose. In the spirit of reduce - reuse - recycle

What's cool is that the plastic in the soapis is made from over 90% used fishing nets. This means that the plastic no longer ends up in the oceans, but in a new form in your bathroom.

Stick your Soapi to a flat and clean place of your choice. Now press a bottle cap (preferably not bent) into your soap and briefly hold both under water so that the bottle cap can bond more firmly to the soap. Let it dry, and you're done!

Clean wall:
The best and easiest way to prepare is to clean the wall with water and toilet paper. Some cleaning products leave a greasy layer that can damage the adhesive. Once the Soapi is stuck, you can clean as usual. Press the Soapi really firmly and all the way around the wall so that no liquid can get behind the Soapi.
Surfaces: Stainless steel, tiles, glass and other smooth surfaces are no problem. The sticker sticks to everything that is smooth.

Crown caps:
We always recommend using fresh, high-quality soaps. This is good for your skin and makes it easier to use the bottle cap. Old or pressed soaps that are very hard can become porous and break. If your soap is very hard, wet it once and leave it wet for a few hours. This will soften it a little and make it easier and cleaner to press the bottle cap into the soap. In any case, it is very important to wet the soap after pressing it in and press it a little around the bottle cap.

Warm is better than cold:
The sticker is of high quality and adheres quickly and permanently to almost all surfaces. The only exception is cold. So if the sticker has just come out of the mail or your bathroom is not heated, you should wait to install it. Both the wall and the sticker should be at room temperature or warmer. If this is not the case, you can help it with a hair dryer.

The plastic used in the soaps is recycled from around 90% of used fishing nets. This means that the plastic no longer ends up in the oceans, but instead ends up in your bathroom in a new form.

The fishing nets used are cleaned and shredded by a specialised company in Denmark. Due to the long exposure to salt water and sun, the material changes and becomes porous. In order to be able to process it again, 2% stabiliser must be added. When the material arrives at Soapi, they add colour pigments. Depending on the colour, the recycled content is between approx. 97% and approx. 90%. Soapi does not want to produce material that contains less than approx. 90% recycled material. Since the natural colours of the fishing nets are rather unattractive, Soapi dyes them so that they will be liked and bought in the long term.

Since the soapis are made from recycled fishing nets, there are variations in the raw material. Some colors are very stable and homogeneous, but others sometimes produce lighter, darker or patterned results.

Anything that deviates too much from the norm is sold exclusively offline, for example in shops or at markets. We never throw away soapis just because they look different than expected. We think that would be wrong. In our online shop we only sell soapis that are as close to the color tone of the product photos as possible.


Made in Germany.

Emilia and Karli are two career changers from Germany who are intensively involved with life-centered product design, sustainable raw materials and new product ideas.
The Soapi is their first result and they would like to develop further sustainable and useful products to make the world a little greener, more beautiful and more user-friendly.