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Cornflower (overwintering annual) organic seeds - Zollinger Bio

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CHF 4.45
  • Centaurea cyanus
  • For 1m²
  • Sow September to October or March to April
  • Organic
  • Frost resistant
  • Native species
  • Packed plastic-free

The native cereal field herb, which used to be common, has now been largely displaced from our flora through the use of herbicides. The cornflower with its blue flowers is considered the epitome of idyllic, extensive agriculture. Height 30-80cm.

Sow widely in place from September to October or March to April.
Thrives in any open garden soil in a sunny location. No compost donations. Sow together with poppy seeds, Venus mirror, corn wheel and emmer.

For 1m²

Paper bag

Started in Thurgau in 1984, Zollinger Bio is now a family business that grows a selection of vegetable, herb and flower seeds on around 25 hectares of land in Valais.
The seeds are 100% organic and non-GMO and are often processed by hand. The seeds are perfectly adapted to the Swiss climate.