Grip Sleeve for Leaf Shave razors - Leaf Shave

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CHF 6.50
  • Grip sleeve for the Leaf Shave razors
  • Made of silicone
  • Plastic-free packaging

Grip sleeve for the Leaf Shave razors.
You can find the right razor HERE.

Anyone who likes to use a lot of soap will be happy to have a little extra hold.

The sleeve is made of silicone and can be rotated as desired so that the grip is in the right place.

Wet the handle of your razor and apply a small amount of soap. Also moisten the inside of your grip sleeve.
Cover the sleeve with a cloth so that you can hold it well. Position the narrow end of the sleeve at the end of the handle and squeeze.
Once the sleeve is in the desired position, rinse off the soap well: on the handle as well as in and on the sleeve. As soon as the sleeve can no longer slip around, everything is clean.
Let everything dry a bit; the sleeve should now sit firmly on your razor.


Leaf Shave is an American start-up company that manufactures sustainable razors. Launched in 2017 with an idea on Kickstarter, their innovative product is now conquering the zero waste scene.