Shower holder - Leaf Shave

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CHF 25.90
  • Shower holder
  • For the Leaf shaver and Twig shaver
  • Plastic-free packaging

Holder for the shower. Suitable for the Leaf Shave razor and Twig razor.

Silver: matte finish
black: matte finish
Mercury: dark silver with a gloss finish
Gold: golden with a luster finish
Chrome: silver color with gloss finish
Rose Gold: Rose gold with a luster finish

Just peel and stick, the powerful adhesive ensures your prized razor is kept safe without the worry of dropping it in the middle of the night. Each mount comes with a spare adhesive pad that can be attached if you decide to place your mount elsewhere in the future.

1. [Install on a dry surface] Clean the surface with some alcohol first and dry it completely.

2. [Peel & Stick] Shower holder uses sticky pad. Simply peel off the backing paper from the adhesive and then stick it where you want to hang your razor.

3. [Hold for 30 seconds] Apply pressure for 30 seconds.

Note: Once installed, it's installed - better measure twice, stick only once! An extra sticky pad is included if you ever need to move it to another location.

Keep your razor away from puddles of water to prolong blade life.
We recommend hanging the mount so that it is out of the way of constantly flowing water.

The mount is suitable for these surfaces:
✅ Glass/Plexiglas
✅ Mirror
✅ Ceramic tiles
✅ Marble
✅ Fiberglass
✅ Metal
✅ Textured/Uneven Tiles
✅ Mosaic tiles
✅ Concrete

Be careful with the following surfaces as the adhesive may damage them during removal:
⚠️ Drywall
⚠️ Wood
⚠️ Plaster
⚠️ Sticky tiles
⚠️ Lacquered or coated surfaces

The packaging is free of plastic and consists of cardboard.

Leaf Shave is an American start-up company that manufactures sustainable razors. Launched in 2017 with an idea on Kickstarter, their innovative product is now conquering the zero waste scene.