Dermaplaner Starter Bundle «Berryblue» - Leaf Shave

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CHF 69.00
  • Face Razor Kit

  • Remove fluff, fine facial hair & dead skin cells

  • Plastic-free packaging & refills

  • Including 12 blades, 12 blade guards & 1 precision clip, 1 stand, 1 refill pack

  • Unisex

  • Climate neutral

The Leaf Dermaplaner is a zero-waste, all-metal system for removing peach fluff, fine hair, conditioning facial hair and exfoliating skin.

Leaf Shave figured out how to turn any standard safety razor blade into a dermaplaning blade with their unique handle and proprietary blade guard technology. Use each blade up to 3 times or swap out as needed.

The derma planer comes with 12 pcs blades, 12 pcs blade guards, 1 pc precision clip and a matching stand.

ATTENTION: You can find storage boxes for razor blades HERE. You can find additional blades with blade guards HERE.

Clean your face completely
Either use on dry skin or apply a small amount of shaving oil. If you're not sure which method works best for your skin, ask your dermatologist.
Keep your skin taut. Place the blade on the skin at a 45 degree angle.
Apply light pressure and move in short downward strokes toward the center of your face. Rinse or wipe the blade as needed. Take your time and familiarize yourself with the technology.
Finish: Rinse your skin and finish with a facial oil to moisturize your skin.
Care: Rinse the tool and blade thoroughly after use. Replace the blade and blade guard once a month. Wipe the blade and blade guard with alcohol to disinfect.

Please consult your dermatologist if you ever have questions as to whether using such a home tool is a good fit for you.

Possible contraindications can be:
- History of skin irritation
- Rosacea
- Active acne
- eczema
- Psoriasis
- Active sunburn

Please note: Due to the protected blades and the steeper blade angle, the Leaf Dermaplaner is not suitable for the typical facial shave of male beards. In that case, we suggest taking a look at the "Twig" razor.

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Leaf Shave is an American start-up company that manufactures these sustainable razors. Started in 2017 with an idea on Kickstarter, this innovative product is now conquering the zero waste scene.