Brio Maté

Brio Maté Original 33cl - Brio Maté

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CHF 3.60
  • 100% natural energy
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Little sugar
  • Organic

The Original Bio from Brio Maté is the Yerba Maté for purists. Are you used to drinking maté in its traditional form? Then this brio is just right for you! Brewed hot, it has more herbal flavor and more energy.

Infusion of mate* and black tea*, sugar*, lemon juice*, carbon dioxide, mate extract*. *organically grown

Glass bottle, aluminum lid, paper label

Independent, allergic to bullsh*t and convinced that the sun is one big disco ball.

We're not perfect, but we have big dreams and love to take sip at a time and mix things up.

Since 2014, we've strived to make things right by working hand-in-hand with Mother Nature, in accordance with our values, ethical principles and common sense, from sourcing our ingredients to the ready-to-drink bottle at your local store.