Floor cleaner strips - bluu

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CHF 17.95
  • Floor cleaner in strip form
  • 20 pcs
  • 1 strip for 3 - 5 liters of water
  • All-in-One: Suitable for many floors
  • With grapefruit scent
  • PH-level neutral
  • Easily biodegradable
  • Plastic free
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free

All-in-one strip floor cleaner without plastic packaging. Handy and practical to use.

The bluu floor cleaner is the sustainable solution for daily floor cleaning. With the environmentally friendly and metered floor cleaning strips, cleaning is quick and easy.

1 wash strip is suitable for 3 - 5 liters of water.
Each pack contains 20 floor cleaning strips.

The Wish. washing Floor cleaner has a pH value of 7 and is therefore one of the neutral cleaners. Neutral cleaners have the advantage that they are suitable for almost all surfaces, are gentle on materials and are therefore also suitable for sensitive materials such as marble, linoleum and vinyl. The pH-neutral formula is not only gentle on floors, but is also gentle on the skin, reducing the risk of skin irritation and allergic reactions. Although neutral cleaners are gentle, they effectively remove dirt, dust, grease and other contaminants.

1. Fill the bucket with 3 - 5 liters of lukewarm water
2. Dissolve a strip of floor cleaner in water
3. Let's start mopping!

- All-in-one solution applicable to all sealed floors*
- Removes dust, dirt and bacteria
- Dries quickly and without streaks
- Makes the floor shine
- Store in a dry environment, only touch with dry hands

*Pay attention to the cleaning instructions of the floor manufacturer

Store in a dry environment.


The floor cleaner can be used without hesitation on most floors: tiles, linoleum, vinyl and natural stone as well as cork and laminate.

In the case of sensitive floors, such as untreated wooden floors, it is particularly important to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

> = 30% anionic surfactants, 5% - < 15% nonionic surfactants, 5% - < 15% phosphonates.

EUH208: Contains allergens. May produce an allergic reaction, H302: Harmful if swallowed., H315: Causes skin irritation., H318: Causes serious eye damage., H412: Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

GHS05: Corrosive, GHS07: Warning

Recyclable cardboard box.

The young Swiss company bluu has set itself the goal of making laundry more environmentally friendly and at the same time easier and more practical.
Their motto: "Sustainability and convenience should not mean a compromise!"

The wash strips are made in Asia. bluu is currently working on a local production.

bluu donates 1% of their sales to the "Viva con Agua" project, which works to ensure clean drinking water for everyone.