Nachhaltig(er) ans Festival - So geht's

Sustainable (more) to the festival - That's how it works

Jun 20, 2023Manuela Frei

Large amounts of (plastic) waste are generated at festivals. In this post, I'll show you how to cut down on the junk and still have a great time.

Because even if you have already implemented many zero waste habits in everyday life, it is ok if you take a break and just enjoy your time.

Personally, I can't turn off my guilty conscience 100% if I don't at least try to reduce the waste a little. If you can, that's totally fine and it will definitely make it easier for you to enjoy your break from everyday life to the fullest :-)

But if you're one of the "thinkers" species, then I hope these tips will help assuage your guilty conscience and just have a good time.

Let's go!

Soap Shavings

Unfortunately, soap is a rare commodity at some festivals & open airs in the toilets. That's why soap shavings are just awesome! You can simply carry these with you in a small tin in your handbag/trouser pocket at any time and also quickly share them.

That's how it's done:

Cut solid soap into thin slices with a vegetable peeler. Usually the top layer of the soap is a bit more crumbly. It can be worth cutting the soap in half first and making the shavings in the middle of the soap.

solid soap, vegan, handmade, Switzerland, zero waste

For little ailments

Improvisation is simply a part of camping and festivals. Minor injuries can easily result: blisters on the foot, cut fingers or burns on the grill.

So that you don't have to run straight to the medical tent, take a few essentials with you, such as plasters and tweezers.

sustainable plaster, patch

The all-rounder

For me, the Stasher silicone pouch simply belongs in my backpack on every adventure. It is ultra-light, flexible and takes up little space. And it is incredibly versatile:

For leftovers, the wet bikini, as leak-proof storage for cosmetics, as a cool pack and much more!

For on the go I recommend the sizes "Snack" and "Sandwich".

Stasher, silicone pouch, Switzerland

Lightweight cutlery

At the festival, a lot is packed in plastic. With a cutlery set, you can at least do without disposable cutlery and always have cutlery at hand, even for improvised meals.

Our bamboo cutlery is so small that it can also be found in many handbags.

Travel cutlery, bamboo

drinking bottle

An obvious companion for me is a refillable drinking bottle. This not only saves waste, but also money. Because at many festivals, a small bottle of water can cost a lot.

With a vacuum flask, your water stays cool for a long time, even in the hot tent.

Vacuum flask, stainless steel

Must-haves for the toiletry bag

Of course, hygiene at the festival must not be neglected. You don't have to pack half your bathroom cupboard for this, but you can pack a lot in a small form and reduced:

  • Toothpaste: Use toothpaste tabs and save a lot of space!
  • Dental floss: Unwind the right amount beforehand, as you should avoid using glass. Or choose a variant in the cardboard packaging (both available in our shop)
  • You can use our Cotton Drops to remove make-up. If necessary, you can also wash them up briefly with soap and use them again.
  • Use 2 in 1 products: For example our shampoos & shower soaps in combination by Ben & Anna.

What you should not do without is sufficient sunscreen and moisturizer.


Some products based on oils and butters can melt, especially at high temperatures. So make sure that you can store them reasonably cool and, if necessary, keep them safe in a stasher.

plastic-free, toiletry bag

I hope these tips ease your conscience and you can enjoy the festival to the fullest :)

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