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Sustainable hiking

Jun 01, 2024Manuela Frei

When the mountains call, your backpack must be well packed. In addition to properly fitting hiking equipment, provisions and the right skin protection are a must for a successful day of hiking.

It all starts in the morning by car or train:

Coffee or tea to go is a must. The empty cup can be filled with water later to ensure you have extra liquid for the long climb. The roll or croissant fits comfortably in a cloth bag and a portion of fruit in a silicone bag , which saves weight.

Before the climb

Before you can really get started, you should definitely apply the right sun protection. In sufficient quantities from head to toe. So apply plenty of cream to your face and ears (we recommend this sun cream from Odyskin for the face), put on a sun hat, and have sunglasses to hand. And don't forget your lips, they also need sun protection , which should ideally be renewed regularly.
The Amazinc sun cream is particularly suitable for the body. It is one of the more liquid sun creams and is therefore easier to spread over large areas.
All of our sun creams are mineral sun creams without nanoparticles. This means that they do not require any exposure time, as the filters form a protective layer on the skin and the harmful rays do not even reach the skin. In addition, all of our sun creams are vegan, do not leave a whitening effect and are harmless to the environment.

Time for a break

If you go hiking, you stop and enjoy the scenery. And a few snacks ;)
Trail mix, homemade muesli bars or fruit can also be stored in a silicone bag . You can probably see a pattern here and there is a simple reason for this: silicone bags take up little space, are flexible and, most importantly, they are as quiet as a mouse. If you already carry a stainless steel coffee mug, drinking bottle and lunch box with you, you would do well not to carry any more large, rattling containers with you.
For some snacks like cereal bars or trail mix, I can also recommend vegan wax cloths . You can fold these into a small bag and use them to transport a variety of dry snacks.

When you reach the top, your stomach is growling: it’s time for lunch!

Many people like to grill when they go hiking. A leak-proof, two-tier lunch box is recommended, where the grilled food can be kept separate from the sandwich or similar. Personally, I always take a sandwich with me, in a silicone bag of course :-D But that's always a bit of personal preference.
At lunch, a napkin and a combination cutlery such as the Göffel , also called a spork, are practical.
Drinking a lot is also always very important. You can hardly take enough water with you when you go hiking. That's why I recommend filling your coffee cup with water when you get to the valley. Otherwise, I can highly recommend an insulated bottle , because then the drink stays cool all day long. We have insulated stainless steel bottles up to 1L. If you don't care about the temperature, there are also versions without an insulating function.

And now please apply cream from head to toe ;)

Whoever climbs up the mountain must eventually come back down

Before you start your descent, you notice that your shoe is now pinching and the first blister is already visible. Luckily, you have plasters with you! ;-)
For blisters, we have our bamboo plasters with aloe vera. There are also plasters with other ingredients or a neutral version, ideal for small cuts that can easily be caused by a pocket knife.

If you have been exposed to too much sun despite applying sunscreen regularly, you can care for your sensitive skin at home with an after sun lotion or pure aloe vera . This provides the skin with optimal moisture and supports the healing process.

We hope that with these tips your backpack will stay as light and efficient as possible on your next hike.
In order to help our environment and keep the mountains clean, it is always nice to leave the mountain with more rubbish than you brought with you when you climbed. In other words, if you collect carelessly discarded plastic particles along the way and dispose of them carefully in the valley.

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