70 Ideen zum Befüllen deines Adventskalenders

70 ideas for filling your Advent calendar

Nov 07, 2023Manuela Frei

Autumn seems to have just begun and yet we are already preparing for the Christmas season. This starts in less than 4 weeks and if you want to make an Advent calendar, you can't start early enough ;)

That's why we've put together some tips and ideas for your homemade (or self-filled) Advent calendar.

The Advent calendar
If you want to make your own Advent calendar, you can use many sustainable materials. Many of the materials may already be in your closet at home and can easily be upcycled:

- Matchbox
- Empty toilet paper rolls
- sandwich bag
- Shoe boxes
- Basket of organic vegetables
- Newspaper bags
- Potato sack
- scraps of fabric

You can sew, decorate and stack these materials into bags so that you have your very own personal and reusable Advent calendar.

And if you'd rather not do crafts, you can also order our sustainable, reusable Advent calendar made of robust cotton canvas.
A little tip: Outside of the Christmas season, you can store all sorts of small things in it such as socks, knick-knacks, finches, toys, craft materials and much more. Store in the cupboard or storage room.

A thousand and one sustainable ideas
So actually only a little more than 70, but it's definitely enough for the 24 doors ;)

We have put together a large selection of useful and sustainable products from our shop for you, which will sweeten the Advent season for your loved ones.
Here you will find all sorts of little things .

And of course we have other ideas for you, which you can find in your local unpackaged store, supermarket or Christmas market or make yourself:

- Gingerbread
- (Homemade) muesli bars
- Bliss Balls (be careful with durability)
- Small toys
- A larger toy divided over several days
- Jigsaw puzzles
- Chewing gum
- Lollipops or lozenges
- Hair clips
- Poems or short stories
- (key) pendant
- Crystals
- Letters with mantras or kind words

We wish you a wonderful (pre)Christmas season!

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