Chocolate shaman «Sweet Magic Chai» - mind sweets

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  • Vegan Chocolate
  • 59% cocoa
  • With instructions for a chocolate shaman ritual
  • With chai spices
  • organic
  • Free from palm oil and additives
  • Gluten free
  • Content: 50g

Noble pleasures for slow connoisseurs: Here the feast of taste buds can begin! ;-)
With instructions for the chocolate shaman ritual in each packaging.

Thanks to high-quality ingredients and long grinding and conching, fillers can be dispensed with entirely, resulting in a particularly pure and high-quality chocolate - and you can taste it :-)

Weight: 50g
Size & Shape: 10cm x 10cm x 0.44cm

Coconut blossom sugar*, cocoa butter*, cocoa powder*, lemon peel*, cinnamon*, cloves*, anise*, ginger*, nutmeg*, cardamom*.
*from controlled organic cultivation

Allergy Advice: May contain traces of nuts, soy, milk and gluten due to production.
Store cool and dry.

Nutritional values ​​& analysis results based on 100 g

2470kJ / 593kcal
- hereof: saturated fatty acids:
- of which sugars:

The packaging is plastic-free, made from renewable raw materials and biodegradable: the cellulose film is made of wood and so is the box.

mind sweets - sweets for the mind?
Exactly, we do that! As Buddhists with heart and soul, the topics of mindfulness, loving and respectful interaction with each other as well as with the environment and animals, as well as spiritual inspiration are at the forefront for us. That's how we came up with the idea of ​​making sweets for the mind - to think about sweets: consciously, mindfully and slowly enjoy delicious treats and at the same time give the mind a break - and maybe let completely new ideas arise in the process :-) On our packaging there are always sayings and short texts as inspiration for the spirit. You can absorb this with relish while you take a break and consciously perceive and enjoy a Buddha bear with all your senses - ah... :-) That's good for the palate and soul...