All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate - ZHAM

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  • Concentrate for mixing all-purpose pointers
  • 30ml
  • For 500ml of water
  • Fresh smell
  • Biodegradable
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • Made in Switzerland

The ZHAM all-purpose cleaner powered by EcoClean® dissolves and removes oily and greasy dirt of all kinds. For example, it is ideal for kitchen shelves, stoves, ovens, plastic surfaces, aluminium, tiles, stone and much more.

The all-purpose cleaner is made in Switzerland, is biodegradable and vegan.

That's how it's done:
Remove the spray head and empty the entire contents of the 30ml cleaning concentrate into another reusable spray bottle of your choice. Now fill the bottle with approx. 500ml of cold tap water. Your personal all-purpose cleaner is ready!

The cleaning concentrate contains a fragrance created by Wilhelm Perfume in Züri-Binz, which leaves a sensual and fresh aroma when cleaning.

Entferne den Sprühkopf und leere den gesamten Inhalt des 30ml Reinigungskonzentrates in eine andere wiederverwertbare Sprühflasche deiner Wahl. Fülle die Flasche nun mit ca. 500ml kaltem Leitungswasser. Fertig ist dein persönlicher Allzweckreiniger!

Nonionic surfactants <5-15%, anionic surfactants <5%, ethanol (vegetable) <1%, dye, complexing agent (vegetable) <1%, perfume from renewable raw materials <1%

Glass bottle with aluminum lid, small foam disc as leakage protection.

ZHAM is a young company from Switzerland (Zurich). You have developed an innovative refill concept for cleaning agents.
They also collaborate with artists to create unique cleaning bottles that will brighten up your home.